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Clean Bandit: I Miss You Tour- Live In Tokyo

Zepp DiverCity Tokyo


Tokyo, Japan


Wednesday, 17 January 2018


Is there anything Clean Bandit can't do? The electronic pop troupe from Cambridge broke through spectacularly in January this year with 'Rather Be', a prime example of their appealing, intelligent sound, which uses synths, violins, drum machines and a rotating cast of vocalists. Unusually for a group so fond of loops, they’re known for building their tracks on stage without pre-recording anything – so they're a great live act to boot.

Four people from Britain, an electro unit based on classical. Clean Bandit joined Jack, Grace, Neil who met at the University of Cambridge, joined by Jack's brother Luke, formed in 2009. It is a dark and narrow night club in Cambridge, playing music that combines classical music and bass music, and is talked about "Music I've never heard before".

The single "A + E" released in December 2012 charts in to the 100th English chart. Subsequently, the single "Mozart House" released in April 2013 recorded 14th place on the British chart, which is the highest among them until 2013. In December 2013, released the music video "Lather Bee" shot in Japan, released as a single in January 2014. "Ruther Bee" shines first in the UK single chart on February 1, 2014 and gained first place for 4 consecutive weeks.

Line Up

Clean Bandit- LIVE!

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Tokyo, Japan
Friday 22 06 2018

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